We ventured into making wedding films late 2013 and since then wedding cinematography has been another love besides still photography. Every wedding film has had our hearts put into putting them together and we continue to try and do better with every love story we encounter.


Harish & Shweta Lip dub, 3rd May 2015

From the Panchals to the Nairs with love.. After being a part of the engagement ceremony this wedding was much awaited and as expected it was nothing short of sorts.. When two bubbly lively people meet it was inevitable that the wedding was goin to be loads of fun.. Harish […]


Aldrin & Salome, 5th January 2015

Just perfect! is just what comes to mind the moment we seen these two together. And that is all that takes to put together a Beautiful Wedding in our all time favorite place Goa. Aldrin and Salome it was wonderful being a part of your big day and the second […]


Siddhant & Preeti, 6th March 2015

One of our most sought after Indian Hindu Weddings of March 2015 which got us entwined into a lovely fusion of two North Indian Communities that combined with the union of two doctors and also two wonderful people who charmed their way all through the 3 days of their wedding […]


Wesley & Liza, 17th January 2015

Always a pleasure when the wedding is in our own backyard. With the gorgeous bride Liza and the smart handsome Wesley love enthralled all through the air at the lovely Samara Gardens at Madhisland.. Thanks guys for having us cover your big day and wish you both Endless happiness all through […]


Ameet & Avril, 29th December 2014

Ameet and Avril experiencing your wedding was unique in its own special way and it felt like you both were college kids in love.. One look at both of you and we could tell you are definitely meant to be for each other. Lovely wedding and we had an amazing […]


Nolan & Perpetual, 13th December 2014

When Perpetual contacted us about two years before her wedding, we knew at once this Love Story was going to be Very Special and right enough it was an absolute delight to be a part of this story. Nolan and Perpetual very rarely one experiences such true bonding and emotions […]


Neil & Dianne, 20th December 2014

NEIL & DIANNE from clyde peter on Vimeo.

When I was about 5 I remember this naughty cousin of mine Neil who I would get to meet off and on at family get together s. We lost touch and then i bumped into him about 30 years later when he was all grown up into this handsome poised gentleman […]


Ian & Melissa, 14th December 2014.

When we first met Melissa about a year before their wedding she just couldn’t stop talking about how excited she was about her big day and her man Ian. Its rare that two hearts are conjoined right from the time they were kids and on the 14th of December 2014 […]


Ashton & Evelyn, A Goa Wedding 3rd January 2015

And once again its a Goa wedding and as usual we were really looking forward to this since it was the first time that our entire team was only on video. It was also the first wedding of the three in a row in our favorite place. As it turned […]


Kevin & Binaisha, 20th December 2014

After the very memorable wedding of Ryan and Ancita that we covered a few years ago it was very exciting to be part of his elder brothers wedding and once again we got to meet this lovely family and as we imagined it turned out to be one more fun […]