About Us

Wedding Photographer Mumbai


I was born with it. To look at life from another perspective.

Growing up watching my father, an avid photography enthusiast handle his cameras and develop images, I stood in awe as the prints emerged. It sunk in me somewhere deep. I went out my routine life from a kid to a teenager to a boy and to a man going about regular life.

But what sunk in had to come out someday.

And so the journey began back in 2010, when I got my first wedding assignment. Since then it’s been incredible. I never imagined I would ever travel and be witness to hundreds of weddings in my brief 6 year stint with wedding photography.

To live.. To love.. To see things with an open mind and to visualize beauty, making the mundane dance alive. It became a vision. A goal. A fervor.
To create magic from the simplest of forms.

To capture moments that can be frozen in time to be cherished.